Entry: Remainders of last season, thoughts for next season Wednesday, May 19, 2004

Yeah... I haven't updated for awhile... don't kill me!

Thoughts Left Over From Last Season

The UK-UAB game
Damn. I cried so hard that day.
We weren't supposed to lose that game, and we shouldn't have. But, we played like crap. It hurts too much to say anything else.

UConn Winning, Rest of NCAA Tourney
I'm officially retracting the comment I made about UConn being overrated. They deserved it. It was actually a pretty boring game, but the barrage of 3's GT had in the last couple of minutes almost made up for it.
I thought Gonzaga was one of the most overrated teams going into the post-season, and I am now patting myself on the back (they lost to Nevada, remember?).
And why is it that the SEC SUCKS in the post season? It's crazyness.
Other teams that get my props: Xavier (I was dying during that game against Duke), Wake Forest (they could have gone farther, but they're in my teams to watch next year), Alabama (anyone who beats Stanford is loved by me), and Nevada (really proved themselves in the post season, making up for a good but lack luster regular season).

One Shining Moment
You know, that little tribute thing after the championship game? Who else cried when they showed Antwain Barbour pumping his fist after a key play, and Daniels dunking? No one? Uh... me neither.

Thoughts For Next Season, 2004-2005
It's what people are talking about everywhere- Tubby's 3 Mickey D's All Americans, and two more stellar players. The best recruiting class of the year, probably. Does that equal a championship winning team? Not neccessarily. Does it help? Hell yeah.
Here's a look at next year's roster:
21 Shagari Alleyne C 7-3 258 Fr Bronx, NY
24 Kelenna Azubuike G 6-5 208 So Tulsa, OK
Rajon Rondo
5 Josh Carrier G 6-5 202 Jr Bowling Green, KY
Randolph Morris
Patrick Sparks
Ramel Bradley
   Joe Crawford          
44 Chuck Hayes F 6-6 237 So Modesto, CA
11 Preston LeMaster G 6-2 177 So Paris, KY
2 Ravi Moss G 6-2 176 So Hopkinsville, KY
10 Lukasz Obrzut C 7-1 257 Fr Gliwice, Poland
13 Bobby Perry F 6-7 215 Fr Durham, NC
3 Brandon Stockton G 5-9 167 So Glasgow, KY
23 Sheray Thomas F 6-7 218 Fr Montreal, Quebec

Interesting article!

Uh... time's up for me, more about the recruits later, adios all.


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