Entry: Orlando Magic vs. Minnesota Timberwolves... & other NBA stuff Friday, November 07, 2003

MIN: 100
ORL: 71

basic story: t-mac couldnt get it together~ he scored maybe 4 points? yeah. kevin garnett dominated. as usual. anyways, the main reason i was watchin the magic play was cuz keith bogans (former UK playa & rookie this year) is gettin a lotta playin time & doin pretty well, i dont know his stats but i did see him come up with a few steals & play some great defense.

in other NBA news...
~cleveland lost to indiana 91-90, missed 2 last second chances. poor lebron. i still think this team will be a contender by december. haha that rhymes!
~lakers vs. hornets comin up. should be a good game.


They're the Yankees of basketball... &, like almost no one else, i love them (yankees & the lakers). this year with 4 superstars (O'Neal, Bryant, Payton, & Malone~ but you should kno that), expect some leadership issues to rise but them to be a serious contender for their 4th title in 5 years.

It sucks that Walker & Delk got traded to the Mavs, but because of this, look for Pierce to emerge as a leader & McCarty to get more PT.

Now the only reason i'm gonna watch them is to see Walker & Delk. other than that... steve nash bugs me. his hair is greasy & he is seriously pale. i hate him. dirk norwitzski (did i spell that right?) is cool tho. oh yeah & i think they were IDIOTS to trade Nick Van Exel to whoever they did, was it the knicks maybe? no that was keith van horn whos on that team. but anyways, van exel has great potential & an awesome shooting touch. those mavs are idiots.

Yay! tayshaun prince is gettin some SERIOUS PT this year, & he's doing pretty well too! yay for him. oh yeah, last season during the playoffs when he was doin really well i saw a headline in the paper that said 'the prince and his paupers'. i thought it was funny. i think ben wallace & chauncy billups are cool too.

Even though mashburn is out for 6-8 weeks, this team has improved greatly, magloire is looking pretty good.

AI just rocks.

Jason Kidd... ehh. i dont kno, i'm not his biggest fan, gotta give him props though, he's an awesome player. i also am a big fan of kenyon martin, i think he's awesome. richard whats his face is pretty cool too.

they've got lebron... enough said.

they've got carmelo anthony... who will be rookie of the year? anthony or james? no one knows.

well thats all i can think of for now, more later!


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