Entry: THE HERALD LEADER IS COPYING ME!! Thursday, November 06, 2003

no seriously!! Look, these are direct quotes:: ((keep in mind that I wrote this stuff A DAY EARLIER))

ME:...on Obruzt
Was reportedly having back spasms which lead to limited amount of playing time. However, what I saw, I liked.
THE HERALD LEADER: (on Alleyene)... "After that, however, much of what we saw, we liked."

(note: while both are not about the same big guy, article in herald leader was on our big guys in general; therefore similarity still applies)

ME: ...on Fitch
He & Hawkins seem to have great on-court chemistry, one such moment came in the second half with 9 minutes to go; Hawkins came up with a steal, & he & Fitch one touched it down the court until Hawkins laid it in.
THE HERALD LEADER: (on UK's chemistry) "We have that chemistry" (quote from Hawkins)... That was never more striking than in the second half when Gerald Fitch and Hawkins combined for one of those old-fashioned two-man breaks that features not dribbling, but crisp passing down the court'.

well?? is that horrible or what!! they should at least ask me if they want me to be a columnist for them, they don't have to just take my stuff without asking! *grin*
well...not much is happening in UK-land. Main points of articles in HL (Herald Leader) today: Big guys have nothing to do but improve, which leads to all benefits for UK. Also, UK is tight as a team & has great chemistry. Yay.


In other sports news... (on days when there's nothing about UK I might wander to covering other sports)
*UL lost to TCU, 31-28. UL's last second field goal (to force OT) hit crossbar. Ouch. TCU (ranked 12th) remains undefeated (8-0), and UL (newly ranked 25th) drops to a still respectable 7-2...hey, it's better than what UK's doing.
*UL is moving to the Big East, along with Marquette and Cinncinati (among others, can't remember the rest). People are saying this will make the Big East the best conference for mens bball, but I still say the SEC is the toughest. I mean, come on people. Which conference has won the most championships?? (7 of them by UK... *grin*) Any comments on this, please email! This is a good subject.
*Denver Nuggets (Carmelo Anthony's team) beat Cleveland Cavaliers (LeBron James's team), 93-89. However, they were both "upstaged" by Boykins, Nuggets' 5"5 guard. How random is that?!

Well, that's all for today, any comments just email! kgeil1@insightbb.com


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