Entry: Kentucky vs. Team Nike~ Kristen's Wrap-Up Wednesday, November 05, 2003

Kristen's Notes
So we don't really need a tall guy in there after all...
I'm serious guys. I admit that I did at first doubt the decision of Tubby Smith not to start a big guy, but I will never disbelieve again. The 'small ball' worked for us. Daniels is a great center, especially since he's fast & can beat the other big guy on fast breaks- huge advantage.
...on Obruzt
Was reportedly having back spasms which lead to limited amount of playing time. However, what I saw, I liked.
...on Hawkins
What can I say? This guy is vicious, especially when forcing the turnover.
...on Stockton
Ha! Told ya this guy would play some. While he didn't play much, he was one of the first subs off the bench, & showed flashes of brilliance.
...on Fitch
Is seemingly coping with his grandmother's death. He scored our first 6 points & 12 out of our first 16. Wow. He & Hawkins seem to have great on-court chemistry, one such moment came in the second half with 9 minutes to go; Hawkins came up with a steal, & he & Fitch one touched it down the court until Hawkins laid it in.
...on Carrier
*sigh* He tries, poor guy, but he needs to get his shot down. UK fans are vicious~ if he doesn't start making those, they'll eat him alive... me included.
...on Daniels
I was impressed. As I've said before, he likes flashy play, & he showed that off last night. He loves to take the ball down the middle & dazzle the poor big guy guarding him with moves. One memorable moment was in the second half with 13 minutes to go: Hawkins shot got rim & Daniels one-handed it back in. Nice.
...on Alleyne
Well... he's a big body, & UK needs that. I think he's got all the skills, but he's still a tad bit raw & needs to fine-tune those skills. With time, he'll be one of the UK greats &, if we're looking that far ahead, will probably have a great chance of playing in the NBA. Also, he needs to be a little quicker to guard his man- too many times would a guy drive towards him & then go to one side, scoring an easy lay-up. Not acceptable.
...on Azubuike
I've said it before & I'll say it again~ I LOVE THIS KID!!! He's so athletic, & while his defensive game still isn't the best it has improved greatly. Some good moments: An alley-oop from Daniels gives Azubuike the slam dunk over a guy~ FABULOUS~ that's what we like to see! Also~ Azubuike's defense comes up with a steal, he takes it down the court & lays it in~ that's what Tubby likes to see!
...on Hayes
Solid as ever. He did some great rebounding, which we will need this season without Estill to man the glass like he did.
...on Heissenbuttel
He scored! That made me happy.
...on the guy behind me
(when Alleyne tried to go for a lay-up instead of a dunk & missed)
"You're 7-3 for God's sake, dunk the ball!"
...on the guy in front of me
(when the ref made a bunch of BS calls all in a row)
"You are less than satisfactory!"
^imagine that said with a lisp~ it was funny^

...on notes from Tubby
According to Tubby, the defense must improve & 'yield fewer lay-ups'. Word.
...on this season's recruiting class
Ramel Bradley, a guard from Brooklyn, is expected to commit to UK later this week. According to him, UK is 'definitely my leader', so much so that he hasn't even visited any other schools. He has to typical mindset/skills of a NYC guard- "tough-minded, athletic, & hell-bent on getting to the basket". Good. With Fitch & Hawkins graduating this year we'll need people like him to step up.
Player of the Game
Gerald Fitch. Although I did hear on the radio coming home that Erik Daniels was the Star of the Game. If that makes a difference to anyone out there.
UK's 101st point was scored in the second half with 3:30 to go on a three-pointer by Stockton. Swish
...on Coté's point
He got a three pointer. For his only points of the game. Does anyone else find that incredibly random?
2002 vs. 2003
So, since we beat this team, & last year's team suffered a humiliating loss~ does this mean we're better all around than last year's team or that Team Nike's new line-up is just kinda bad? Any comments on this or anything eles please email me & I'll paste them onto here. kgeil1@insightbb.com
Team Nike didn't start their 7-footer, Jason Jennings. He came in late in the first half but didn't really seem to be all there, scoring only 2 points in 13 minutes. What's up with that?

Final Score: Kentucky 107, Team Nike 89

Game Stats
Field-goal shooting: Nike Elite 50.7, Kentucky 55.4
Freethrow shooting: Nike Elite 75.0, Kentucky 63.6
Technicals: None
Turnovers: Nike Elite 17 (Watkins 6, Richardson 5, Mimms 2, Fletcher 2, Blackmon 1, Millage 1), Kentucky 9 (Daniels 3, Stockton 1, Fitch 1, Azubuike 1, Moss 1, Hayes 1, LeMaster 1)
Blocked Shots: Nike Elite 7 (Blackmon 2, Mimms 2, Cisse 2, Millage 1), Kentucky 9 (Hayes 2, Hawkins 1, Fitch 1, Obzrut 1, Coté 1, Daniels 1, Alleyne 1, Azubuike 1)
Officials: Gerald Boudreaux, John Hampton, Mike Nance
Attendance: 15,238

KENTUCKY INDIVIDUAL STATS: (since no one really cares about Team Nike I'm not even gonna bother putting them up here- however if you are desperate there's a thing called the Sports Page that you might enjoy)
 Name  mi  fg-a  3-pt  ft-a rb  pf  tp 
 Hawkins  27  8-10  1-2  0-0  2  4  2  17
 Stockton  8  1-1  1-1  0-0  1  0  0  3
 Fitch  29  10-16  4-7  2-2  2  2  1  26
 Carrier  9  0-2  0-2  0-0  0  1  1  0
 Obzrut  4  1-1  0-0  0-0  0  0  1  2
 Coté  7  1-2  1-2  0-0  0  0  0  3
 Perry  7  0-1  0-1  0-0  1  0  2  0
 Daniels  29  12-21  0-2  0-0  10  5  1  24
 Alleyne  15  2-6  0-0  2-3  5  0  1  6
 Thomas  3  0-0  0-0  0-2  0  0  0  0
 Azubuike  29  7-12  0-2  0-0  7  2  0  14
 Hayes  25  3-8  0-1  3-4  11  3  1  9
 Moss  3  0-1  0-0  0-0  0  0  0  0
 LeMaster  2  0-0  0-0  0-0  1  0  0  0
 Heissenbuttel  3  1-2  1-1  0-0  0  0  0  3
 team          3      
 TEAM TOTALS  200  46-83  8-21  7-11  43  17  10  107


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