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(on Chuck Hayes slipping and falling flat on his butt)

"That's what we have towel people for."

~Kristen Geil, observer/avid fan, UK

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Wednesday, May 19, 2004
Remainders of last season, thoughts for next season

Yeah... I haven't updated for awhile... don't kill me!

Thoughts Left Over From Last Season
The UK-UAB game
Damn. I cried so hard that day.
We weren't supposed to lose that game, and we shouldn't have. But, we played like crap. It hurts too much to say anything else.

UConn Winning, Rest of NCAA Tourney
I'm officially retracting the comment I made about UConn being overrated. They deserved it. It was actually a pretty boring game, but the barrage of 3's GT had in the last couple of minutes almost made up for it.
I thought Gonzaga was one of the most overrated teams going into the post-season, and I am now patting myself on the back (they lost to Nevada, remember?).
And why is it that the SEC SUCKS in the post season? It's crazyness.
Other teams that get my props: Xavier (I was dying during that game against Duke), Wake Forest (they could have gone farther, but they're in my teams to watch next year), Alabama (anyone who beats Stanford is loved by me), and Nevada (really proved themselves in the post season, making up for a good but lack luster regular season).

One Shining Moment
You know, that little tribute thing after the championship game? Who else cried when they showed Antwain Barbour pumping his fist after a key play, and Daniels dunking? No one? Uh... me neither.

Thoughts For Next Season, 2004-2005
It's what people are talking about everywhere- Tubby's 3 Mickey D's All Americans, and two more stellar players. The best recruiting class of the year, probably. Does that equal a championship winning team? Not neccessarily. Does it help? Hell yeah.
Here's a look at next year's roster:
21 Shagari Alleyne C 7-3 258 Fr Bronx, NY
24 Kelenna Azubuike G 6-5 208 So Tulsa, OK
Rajon Rondo
5 Josh Carrier G 6-5 202 Jr Bowling Green, KY
Randolph Morris
Patrick Sparks
Ramel Bradley
   Joe Crawford          
44 Chuck Hayes F 6-6 237 So Modesto, CA
11 Preston LeMaster G 6-2 177 So Paris, KY
2 Ravi Moss G 6-2 176 So Hopkinsville, KY
10 Lukasz Obrzut C 7-1 257 Fr Gliwice, Poland
13 Bobby Perry F 6-7 215 Fr Durham, NC
3 Brandon Stockton G 5-9 167 So Glasgow, KY
23 Sheray Thomas F 6-7 218 Fr Montreal, Quebec

Interesting article!

Uh... time's up for me, more about the recruits later, adios all.

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Saturday, November 29, 2003
UK vs. Tennessee Tech

UK 108 TT 81

~Our defense wasnt all that great.

~The bench sucked

~Tubby shoulda put Barbour in with the starters, I think he woulda done a lot better with
the right combo of ppl with actual skillz.

~Azubuike was great

~Alleyne~ give him 3 years. Until then, dont expect much.
~Fitch was awesome

~We need to start getting our 3s in synch IN THE FIRST FEW MINUTES. In big games we wont have the luxury of easing into the shooting.

~Hawkins was great too.

~Erik Daniels is great at dishing off the ball.

~Hayes is steady as anythang.

~next game is monday versus marshall.

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Thursday, November 27, 2003
College Bball, etc

~Gerry McNamara is the 'Cuse player to watch the rest of the season. Hes got a great 3 point touch, and this game was no exception, even with the loss (he made 3 3's and had 34 points).
~However, there's always someone better. Charlotte's Plavich made 10 3 pointers, setting a Carrier Dome record.
~Great way to start off the season defending your national title.

UCONN LOSES!! (to GA Tech) (77-61)
~HELL YEAH!! Anyone whos followed my posts on the HC Gossip Column knows that I think UConn is overrated, and this only proves my point. DOWN WITH THE HUSKIES!!
~GA Tech? So are they really good or is UConn just wayyy overrated? I vote for overrated.
~Okafur, UConn's mucho-publicized center, had 13 points on 2-10 shooting, 13 rebounds and 6 blocks.
~UConn is now 3-1, GA Tech is 4-0.

Illinois beats Mercer, 93-61
~The only reason I'm even reporting on this blow-out is because I am a big fan of Dee Brown (Ill.). I started watching him in the NCAA tourney last year and he is one of the most fabulous point guards I have ever seen. Keep an eye on this guy.

For more games, go to http://cbs.sportsline.com , its a good site.

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Sunday, November 23, 2003

well~ i didnt go to it, & i fell asleep watching it. basic story that i got though: UK's D dominated, Fitch didn't have that great of a game, Cliff Hawkins rocks.

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Thursday, November 13, 2003

Final Score
UK 94     EA SPORTS 61

 Name  mi  fg-a  3-pt  ft-a  rb  a  pf tp 
 Daniels  25  9-18  1-1  2-2  13  1  0  21
 Hayes  22  5-8  0-0  0-0  4  5  2  10
 Azubuike  32  10-18  0-3  1-1  6  1  1  21
 Hawkins  26  2-5  0-2  0-0  2  7  2  4
 Fitch  30  8-18  3-9  3-4  5  2  1  22
 Stockton  12  2-7  2-5  0-0  0  1  0  6
 Carrier  8  1-1  1-1  0-0  1  1  3  3
 Obruzt  10  0-1 0-0  0-0  2  2  1  0
 Perry  8  2-2 1-1  0-0  3  0  0  5
 Alleyne  18  1-3 0-0  0-0  7  1  1  2
 Thomas  5  0-1  0-0  0-0  1  1  0  0
 Moss  4  0-1  0-1  0-0  0  1  0  0
 Team          2      
 TOTALS  200  40-83  8-23  6-7  46  23  11  94

...on Azubuike
I'm more impressed with this kid every time he plays. He tried for 3 early 3's at the beginning of the game, &, after missing each of them, seemed to realize that this wasn't his night for 3's & started driving to the basket, making cuts & being on the receiving end of many an alley-oop. His defense is also steadily improving. This guy is awesome.
...on Alleyne
Well... he's a project all right. He can rebound (how can you not with that wingspan of his?), but his quickness, on defense & just in general, needs to improve. Also, Alleyne, in case you're reading this, YOU'RE A BIG MAN!! ACT LIKE IT & go strong to the basket!!!
Second half cats?
If you were there/stayed up to watch the tape delay, you'll realize that the one-point difference at half time was a odd contrast to the 33 point victory. That musta been some half-time speech by Tubby.
Continuing the Tradition...
Last year, Kentucky beat their second exhibition team game with a three pointer by Keith Bogans at the buzzer. This year, Kentucky beat their second exhibition team game with a (not really needed, but highly appreciated) three pointer at the buzzer by Stockton (set up by Carrier)
...on Carrier
I thought he did pretty well, actually. Not horrible at all.
...on Coté
He didn't play. Sucks for him.
...on our 3's
Took long enough to get into the habit. We had one (ONE!) the entire first half & most of the second. Fitch's shot in particular was inconsistent~ he made one of his early three's, didnt make another till second half, &, moments after swishing it, airballed another. Let's work on that, shall we?
...on Rupp Arena
Pretty damn intimidating. On UK's 20 point run, everyone in Rupp was on their feet yelling at the top of their lungs. The crowd responds to players signaling us to get riled up, & if I were on the other team, I'd be so freakin nervous.
...on Hawkins
His defense is still the best by far. He's tenacious & gets us tons of steals. Yay for him!
...on EA SPORTS'S Rickey Price
He went to Duke. When the announcer said that, Rupp Arena immediately burst into loud BOOOOOOS. Is that not the best thing ever??

Field Goal Shooting: EA SPORTS 41.4 UK 48.2
Free-throw Shooting: EA SPORTS 62.5 UK 85.7
Technicals: EA SPORTS 0 UK 0
Turnovers: EA SPORTS 19 (Shirley 6, Grays 3, Faux 3, Buckley 3, Price 2, Jones 1, Houser 1) UK 8 (Alleyne 2, Daniels 1, Hayes 1, Azubuike 1, Fitch 1, Stockton 1, Obrzut)
Blocked Shots: EA SPORTS 6 (Shirley 3, Price 1, Jones 1, Houser 1) UK 4 (Alleyne 2, Hayes 1, Azubuike 1)
Officials: Doug Shows, Joe Lindsay, Rick Crawford
Attendance: 16,653

~Hawkins gets the ball at the defensive end, looks up the court & sees Hayes wide open for an alley-oop... DUNK!
~Chuck Hayes getting at least 3 steals that led to dunks, which everyone loves.
~Cliff Hawkins misses a 3, Fitch comes out of nowhere & gets a putback. What's he doing in the paint? Who cares, he's doing it great.
~Azubuike's block~ it was great. DE-NIED!
~Alleyne's block. Man, he just SLAMMED that thing down to the ground.

Next game, the season opener, is Winthrop at Kentucky, Friday, November 21st, 8 pm. On WKYT-27 (11:30 tape delay), go Cats!

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Sunday, November 09, 2003
the movie

they're making a movie about an all-black texas team playing the all-white UK team (then coached by adolph rupp). bad part is, its the NCAA finals, & UK loses.

*vandy was ahead of florida for awhile, but then they lost.
*OSU won... what else is new?
*purdue beat iowa.
*wisconsin played minnesota for the 'paul bunyan axe' (kinda like the governor's cup in KY). minnesota (ranked like 18th i think) won on a field goal.
*tennessee upset #4 miami (i'm pretty sure it was TN, if it wasnt i apologize.
*air force beat the still-winless army. sucks for them!

thats about all for today.

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Friday, November 07, 2003
Orlando Magic vs. Minnesota Timberwolves... & other NBA stuff

MIN: 100
ORL: 71

basic story: t-mac couldnt get it together~ he scored maybe 4 points? yeah. kevin garnett dominated. as usual. anyways, the main reason i was watchin the magic play was cuz keith bogans (former UK playa & rookie this year) is gettin a lotta playin time & doin pretty well, i dont know his stats but i did see him come up with a few steals & play some great defense.

in other NBA news...
~cleveland lost to indiana 91-90, missed 2 last second chances. poor lebron. i still think this team will be a contender by december. haha that rhymes!
~lakers vs. hornets comin up. should be a good game.


They're the Yankees of basketball... &, like almost no one else, i love them (yankees & the lakers). this year with 4 superstars (O'Neal, Bryant, Payton, & Malone~ but you should kno that), expect some leadership issues to rise but them to be a serious contender for their 4th title in 5 years.

It sucks that Walker & Delk got traded to the Mavs, but because of this, look for Pierce to emerge as a leader & McCarty to get more PT.

Now the only reason i'm gonna watch them is to see Walker & Delk. other than that... steve nash bugs me. his hair is greasy & he is seriously pale. i hate him. dirk norwitzski (did i spell that right?) is cool tho. oh yeah & i think they were IDIOTS to trade Nick Van Exel to whoever they did, was it the knicks maybe? no that was keith van horn whos on that team. but anyways, van exel has great potential & an awesome shooting touch. those mavs are idiots.

Yay! tayshaun prince is gettin some SERIOUS PT this year, & he's doing pretty well too! yay for him. oh yeah, last season during the playoffs when he was doin really well i saw a headline in the paper that said 'the prince and his paupers'. i thought it was funny. i think ben wallace & chauncy billups are cool too.

Even though mashburn is out for 6-8 weeks, this team has improved greatly, magloire is looking pretty good.

AI just rocks.

Jason Kidd... ehh. i dont kno, i'm not his biggest fan, gotta give him props though, he's an awesome player. i also am a big fan of kenyon martin, i think he's awesome. richard whats his face is pretty cool too.

they've got lebron... enough said.

they've got carmelo anthony... who will be rookie of the year? anthony or james? no one knows.

well thats all i can think of for now, more later!

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Thursday, November 06, 2003

no seriously!! Look, these are direct quotes:: ((keep in mind that I wrote this stuff A DAY EARLIER))

ME:...on Obruzt
Was reportedly having back spasms which lead to limited amount of playing time. However, what I saw, I liked.
THE HERALD LEADER: (on Alleyene)... "After that, however, much of what we saw, we liked."

(note: while both are not about the same big guy, article in herald leader was on our big guys in general; therefore similarity still applies)

ME: ...on Fitch
He & Hawkins seem to have great on-court chemistry, one such moment came in the second half with 9 minutes to go; Hawkins came up with a steal, & he & Fitch one touched it down the court until Hawkins laid it in.
THE HERALD LEADER: (on UK's chemistry) "We have that chemistry" (quote from Hawkins)... That was never more striking than in the second half when Gerald Fitch and Hawkins combined for one of those old-fashioned two-man breaks that features not dribbling, but crisp passing down the court'.

well?? is that horrible or what!! they should at least ask me if they want me to be a columnist for them, they don't have to just take my stuff without asking! *grin*
well...not much is happening in UK-land. Main points of articles in HL (Herald Leader) today: Big guys have nothing to do but improve, which leads to all benefits for UK. Also, UK is tight as a team & has great chemistry. Yay.


In other sports news... (on days when there's nothing about UK I might wander to covering other sports)
*UL lost to TCU, 31-28. UL's last second field goal (to force OT) hit crossbar. Ouch. TCU (ranked 12th) remains undefeated (8-0), and UL (newly ranked 25th) drops to a still respectable 7-2...hey, it's better than what UK's doing.
*UL is moving to the Big East, along with Marquette and Cinncinati (among others, can't remember the rest). People are saying this will make the Big East the best conference for mens bball, but I still say the SEC is the toughest. I mean, come on people. Which conference has won the most championships?? (7 of them by UK... *grin*) Any comments on this, please email! This is a good subject.
*Denver Nuggets (Carmelo Anthony's team) beat Cleveland Cavaliers (LeBron James's team), 93-89. However, they were both "upstaged" by Boykins, Nuggets' 5"5 guard. How random is that?!

Well, that's all for today, any comments just email! kgeil1@insightbb.com

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Wednesday, November 05, 2003
Kentucky vs. Team Nike~ Kristen's Wrap-Up

Kristen's Notes
So we don't really need a tall guy in there after all...
I'm serious guys. I admit that I did at first doubt the decision of Tubby Smith not to start a big guy, but I will never disbelieve again. The 'small ball' worked for us. Daniels is a great center, especially since he's fast & can beat the other big guy on fast breaks- huge advantage.
...on Obruzt
Was reportedly having back spasms which lead to limited amount of playing time. However, what I saw, I liked.
...on Hawkins
What can I say? This guy is vicious, especially when forcing the turnover.
...on Stockton
Ha! Told ya this guy would play some. While he didn't play much, he was one of the first subs off the bench, & showed flashes of brilliance.
...on Fitch
Is seemingly coping with his grandmother's death. He scored our first 6 points & 12 out of our first 16. Wow. He & Hawkins seem to have great on-court chemistry, one such moment came in the second half with 9 minutes to go; Hawkins came up with a steal, & he & Fitch one touched it down the court until Hawkins laid it in.
...on Carrier
*sigh* He tries, poor guy, but he needs to get his shot down. UK fans are vicious~ if he doesn't start making those, they'll eat him alive... me included.
...on Daniels
I was impressed. As I've said before, he likes flashy play, & he showed that off last night. He loves to take the ball down the middle & dazzle the poor big guy guarding him with moves. One memorable moment was in the second half with 13 minutes to go: Hawkins shot got rim & Daniels one-handed it back in. Nice.
...on Alleyne
Well... he's a big body, & UK needs that. I think he's got all the skills, but he's still a tad bit raw & needs to fine-tune those skills. With time, he'll be one of the UK greats &, if we're looking that far ahead, will probably have a great chance of playing in the NBA. Also, he needs to be a little quicker to guard his man- too many times would a guy drive towards him & then go to one side, scoring an easy lay-up. Not acceptable.
...on Azubuike
I've said it before & I'll say it again~ I LOVE THIS KID!!! He's so athletic, & while his defensive game still isn't the best it has improved greatly. Some good moments: An alley-oop from Daniels gives Azubuike the slam dunk over a guy~ FABULOUS~ that's what we like to see! Also~ Azubuike's defense comes up with a steal, he takes it down the court & lays it in~ that's what Tubby likes to see!
...on Hayes
Solid as ever. He did some great rebounding, which we will need this season without Estill to man the glass like he did.
...on Heissenbuttel
He scored! That made me happy.
...on the guy behind me
(when Alleyne tried to go for a lay-up instead of a dunk & missed)
"You're 7-3 for God's sake, dunk the ball!"
...on the guy in front of me
(when the ref made a bunch of BS calls all in a row)
"You are less than satisfactory!"
^imagine that said with a lisp~ it was funny^
...on notes from Tubby
According to Tubby, the defense must improve & 'yield fewer lay-ups'. Word.
...on this season's recruiting class
Ramel Bradley, a guard from Brooklyn, is expected to commit to UK later this week. According to him, UK is 'definitely my leader', so much so that he hasn't even visited any other schools. He has to typical mindset/skills of a NYC guard- "tough-minded, athletic, & hell-bent on getting to the basket". Good. With Fitch & Hawkins graduating this year we'll need people like him to step up.
Player of the Game
Gerald Fitch. Although I did hear on the radio coming home that Erik Daniels was the Star of the Game. If that makes a difference to anyone out there.
UK's 101st point was scored in the second half with 3:30 to go on a three-pointer by Stockton. Swish
...on Coté's point
He got a three pointer. For his only points of the game. Does anyone else find that incredibly random?
2002 vs. 2003
So, since we beat this team, & last year's team suffered a humiliating loss~ does this mean we're better all around than last year's team or that Team Nike's new line-up is just kinda bad? Any comments on this or anything eles please email me & I'll paste them onto here. kgeil1@insightbb.com
Team Nike didn't start their 7-footer, Jason Jennings. He came in late in the first half but didn't really seem to be all there, scoring only 2 points in 13 minutes. What's up with that?

Final Score: Kentucky 107, Team Nike 89

Game Stats
Field-goal shooting: Nike Elite 50.7, Kentucky 55.4
Freethrow shooting: Nike Elite 75.0, Kentucky 63.6
Technicals: None
Turnovers: Nike Elite 17 (Watkins 6, Richardson 5, Mimms 2, Fletcher 2, Blackmon 1, Millage 1), Kentucky 9 (Daniels 3, Stockton 1, Fitch 1, Azubuike 1, Moss 1, Hayes 1, LeMaster 1)
Blocked Shots: Nike Elite 7 (Blackmon 2, Mimms 2, Cisse 2, Millage 1), Kentucky 9 (Hayes 2, Hawkins 1, Fitch 1, Obzrut 1, Coté 1, Daniels 1, Alleyne 1, Azubuike 1)
Officials: Gerald Boudreaux, John Hampton, Mike Nance
Attendance: 15,238

KENTUCKY INDIVIDUAL STATS: (since no one really cares about Team Nike I'm not even gonna bother putting them up here- however if you are desperate there's a thing called the Sports Page that you might enjoy)
 Name  mi  fg-a  3-pt  ft-a rb  pf  tp 
 Hawkins  27  8-10  1-2  0-0  2  4  2  17
 Stockton  8  1-1  1-1  0-0  1  0  0  3
 Fitch  29  10-16  4-7  2-2  2  2  1  26
 Carrier  9  0-2  0-2  0-0  0  1  1  0
 Obzrut  4  1-1  0-0  0-0  0  0  1  2
 Coté  7  1-2  1-2  0-0  0  0  0  3
 Perry  7  0-1  0-1  0-0  1  0  2  0
 Daniels  29  12-21  0-2  0-0  10  5  1  24
 Alleyne  15  2-6  0-0  2-3  5  0  1  6
 Thomas  3  0-0  0-0  0-2  0  0  0  0
 Azubuike  29  7-12  0-2  0-0  7  2  0  14
 Hayes  25  3-8  0-1  3-4  11  3  1  9
 Moss  3  0-1  0-0  0-0  0  0  0  0
 LeMaster  2  0-0  0-0  0-0  1  0  0  0
 Heissenbuttel  3  1-2  1-1  0-0  0  0  0  3
 team          3      
 TEAM TOTALS  200  46-83  8-21  7-11  43  17  10  107

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Tuesday, November 04, 2003
UK vs. Nike Elite~ Preview

Today UK plays an exhibition game against Nike Elite, who beat them last year 83-82. 
Nike Elite~ Probable Starters
No.     Name                   Pos.     Ht.   
21      Elvin Mimms             F         6-5
23      Ryan Fletcher           F         6-9
44      Jason Jennings         C         7-0
2       Brandon Watkins       G        6-1
5       Donta Richardson      G        6-2

Kentucky~ Probable Starters
No.     Name                   Pos.     Ht.        Wt.       Year
14       Erik Daniels             F         6-8       214      Senior
44       Chuck Hayes           F         6-6       247       Junior
24       Kelenna Azubuike   G-F       6-5       208       Sophmore
1         Cliff Hawkins           G         6-1       187       Senior
4         Gerald Fitch            G          6-3      188        Senior

Kris's Analysis of UK Playas
Erik Daniels~ Flashy player. Often says his idol is Magic Johnson & that greatly influences his style of play. It shows.
Chuck Hayes~ I met him this summer! He's a solid player, always good for a rebound & has great defense. Was a starter last season & proved he deserved it.
Kelenna Azubuike~ I LOVE THIS KID! How can anyone not, after seeing that SPECTACULAR one-handed putback at the Senior Night Vandy Game?? I have that on tape & I still watch it, LoL. Anyways~ he's incredibly athletic, a great all-around ball player. Last season he was noted for needing to work on his defensive ability, it will be interesting to see if he's improved over the summer.
Cliff Hawkins~ Recognized last year as 'the best 6th man in the country'. A fabulous point guard, great at setting up plays & known for his tenacious D coming off the bench.
Gerald Fitch~ His grandmother died recently. Last season he was another one that we depended on, especially after Cliff Hawkins was delcared academically ineligable to play. He ably stepped up to the point guard spot & excelled. This season he'll be back at shooting guard with the return of Hawkins.
Brandon Stockton~  I may be crazy, but I think this kid is gonna get some playing time this year (he's a 5-10 sophmore from Glasgow, KY). He's quick & in my opinion will be asked to step up to the point guard position in a few games this year. Don't underestimate him.
Josh Carrier~ Had a few ups & downs last season. Hopefully this year people won't be so hard on the former Mr. Basketball of Kentucky.
Lukasz Obruzt~ One of Kentucky's 7 foot freshys. Apparently didn't play so well in the Blue-White scrimmage & hasn't been practicing that great.
Bernard Cote~ He just annoyed me last season. Couldn't grab a rebound & held onto the ball too long. Hope he's better this year, or he just might be the Jules Camara of his class (you know, the one everyone blames when anything goes wrong)
Matt Heissenbuttel~ His brother went to my school. I feel bad for him that he's a senior & doesn't get virtually any playing time, but he does kinda suck.
Shagari Alleyne~ I was thrilled when UK announced that he had signed. With the loss of Jules Camara & Marquis Estill, we need a big man to step up & take the job, & this guy's the one to do it (he's 7-3, the tallest dude ever to play for UK)
Antwain Barbour~ Last season he started out playing ok, but then he broke his wrist & wasn't the same the rest of the season. Doesn't look like he's off to a much better start this season, considering he's suspended for a driving infraction (or something). I think he has great potential, he just has to get his head in it.
*note: these are not all of UK's players, just the ones that I had a comment on. Other players are: Ravi Moss, Preston LeMaster, Bobby Perry, Sheray Thomas, & Patrick Sparks*

Kristen's Thoughts on... everything
To the surprise of many, including me, Tubby Smith has chosen not to start either of the two 7 foot freshys & is instead going with a smaller line-up, where the tallest dude on the court is Erik Daniels at 6-8. Is this a good move, considering Team Nike has Jason Jennings, 7-0, at center? I'm not so sure, but I'm thrilled that Azubuike is starting. I've had my eye on that kid all last season. He has perhaps the best potential to become great of anyone on this undoubtedly talented team... In an interview with Shagari Alleyne, he states that guarding fellow big man Obrzut has helped him with his defense immensely & feels that he can take on Jennings when he is put in (which Tubby assures us will happen)...And will Gerlad Fitch's recent news of his grandmother's death affect his playing? See "Quotes" for answer.

(on Gerald Fitch's practice after hearing news of his grandmother's death)
"Looked great. Unbelievable. As sharp as he's been all year."
~Tubby Smith, coach, university of Kentucky

(in response to a question of whether he's nervous with so many UK fans watching and possibly criticizing his game)
"Well, everywhere I go, everywhere I play, that's what people do all the time. It's going to be a great experience having people watching me play."
~ Shagari Alleyne, freshman, University of Kentucky

(when someone mentioned that Nike Elite has a 7-footer):
"So I hear. So I hear."
~ Shagari Alleyne, freshman, University of Kentucky

*quotes courtesy of the Lexington Herald Leader*


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