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Well, my name's Kris. I'm a girl from KY, who, being from Lexington, is UK obsessed. So I made this page a shrine to UK basically. My goal in life is to be the first woman on Sportscenter for men's college bball because let's face it people, women's bball will never be as popular. If you have any comments on UK email me! kgeil1@insightbb.com . Thanks!

luv~ kris

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(on Chuck Hayes slipping and falling flat on his butt)

"That's what we have towel people for."

~Kristen Geil, observer/avid fan, UK

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Monday, October 27, 2003
kris10's wknd (kinda rhymes!! hahaha)

FrIdAy~ went to the TLS dance *grin* spent the night at mary's & watched the LION KING!!! I LOVE THAT MOVIE!!! 'i've got a lovely bunch of coconuts, twiddle dee dee, there they are all standing in a row, big ones, small ones, ones that can fit on your head, oh no! what will i do with all these coconuts?' HAHAHA great times MVM
SaTuRdAy~ well 3 (count em THREE~ including one who i significantly wanted to go with! LoLz no offense to the rest of yall) people invited me to the UK game & alas i couldnt go. emily came over & spent the nite!! major major funness!! haha she fell down the stairs... :-) but still~ we had FUN~ the whole dance thing turned out ok~ even if the movie thing didnt~ & robin hood has NOTHING on the lion king :-) oh yeah & i didnt think my house's exercise room was that great until emily discovered the trampoline & the red bouncy ball~ LoL!!
SuNdAy~ well... it was kinda a 'do nothing & have fun doing it' kinda day... too bad the movie thang didnt work out~~ we'll do sumthing this wknd fosheezy

and today (MoNdAy) kristen is in a good mood!! even if her good buddy emily was not particularly~~ luv ya emily!!
in debate we played silent football... that is by far the most amusing game EVER INVENTED!!!! unfortunately i had to take a penalty for not 'addressing' the gamemaster (zack)~~ it was still hilarious~ esp. stephanie & caitlin & palmer tormenting zack~~ FUNNY!!!

well thats it yall!! ttyl xoxo kris


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Thursday, October 23, 2003
sorry no time

frank i'm sorry i know u wanted an update but i have a HUGE debate speech tomorrow thus all my time today was limited to preparing for that. i apologize... but wish me luck tomorrow!! aaack!!

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Wednesday, October 22, 2003

hey guys check out the hc gossip column, http://www.HCGossipcolumn.blogdrive.com . IT ROCKS!!! u can ask me or frank for the password and write an entry urself!! what fun!!
well... on a depressing note... my haircut guy already sold the season tickets. :-(
i've got 'stacey's mom' stuck in my head.
our enlgish group was most uncooperative. zack and tracey and me kept arguin, with leah jumping in from time to time, and eric was weirdly kinda quiet.
lunch was fun. i ate my lunch and some others too. god i'm a pig!!! oh well. i get good food.
well guys thats about it. i'm goin to a HC swim practice today!! wish me luck as i only kno 1 person going. maybe 2. possibly 3.

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Tuesday, October 21, 2003
naps are good

hello people. i just woke up from a nap. naps are good. especially when ur couch is as comfortable as mine. i like naps.
sorry. still a little groggy
haha emily u know what i just realized? my blog could be like a little gossip girl page. major lolness.... oh yeah and BE STRONG!!! lol... no foserious be strong.
well today was ok. really boring on account of me having to go to the eye doctors for TWO FREAKIN HOURS. i didnt like that.
on a sad note~ my hair cut guy hasnt called about the season tickets yet~~ DARN!!!
& today in english we got into groups~ mine is tracey, leah, zack, and eric. its... quite interesting!! LoL
well thats about all~ sry my life is kinda boring for now!! but i am going to the tls dance on friday and i shall inform u all of what happened LoL. adios muchachas (what does muchachas mean? i really dont know but it sounded right. if i said something obscene i apologize).

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Friday, October 17, 2003

hey all. today we had off school. so naturally my mom made me get up at the crak o'dawn & get my hair cut. then i went to the lovely orthodontist. fun. then went to keeneland, came back...& here i am now... could my day BE any more boring??


"Really, UCLA's a great place as well, but they don't have the kind of environment they have here. The fans here have a passion." - Dick Vitale on Kentucky fans, December 23, 1999.

"Apparently the University of Kentucky basketball dynasty is to continue forever." - Philadelphia Inquirer, December 23 1954.

"Turner ... Burner .... and one" - Jim Nantz

"Kentucky has found the secret of basketball, that it's five guys playing together." - former University North Carolina coach Frank McGuire

"I see no reason to end the basketball season in February just so some of these schools can start spring football practice early... Someday they are going to wake up and realize that basketball is here to stay." - Adolph Rupp on his Southeastern Conference brethren in 1934.

"I'd just as soon freeze to death." - Actress Ashley Judd relating a story of being offered a University North Carolina - Chapel Hill jacket on a chilly movie set. - Lexington Herald Leader, August 15, 1996.

"It's not wise to come to Kentucky and try to run them off their court. Not too many teams have ever done that." - Mississippi State Coach Babe McCarthy in 1962.

"When you see Kentucky's fans, you just wonder. You think how wonderful it would be to go to their school. You wish you could trade places for a day, just so you could experience that feeling." - UCLA player Kris Johnson

"They had it before you, they had it during you, they'll have it when you're gone"...." - Al McGuire on Kentucky Basketball Tradition

"In the next four or five years, Kentucky will be at its best. It has taken a lot of hard labor, but down the road we will be at our best." - Rick Pitino in 1995

word. UK rocks.

Date Game Result Score Notes
11/4/2003 Team Nike at Kentucky Exhibition
11/12/2003 EA Sports at Kentucky Exhibition
11/21/2003 Winthrop at Kentucky   -
11/28/2003 Tennessee Tech at Kentucky   -
12/1/2003 Kentucky vs. Marshall   (at Cincinnati, OH)
12/6/2003 Kentucky vs. UCLA   John Wooden Classic (at Anaheim, CA)
12/13/2003 Kentucky vs. Michigan State   Basketbowl (at Detroit, MI)
12/20/2003 Kentucky vs. Indiana   (at Indianapolis, IN)
12/23/2003 Eastern Kentucky at Kentucky   -
12/27/2003 Louisville at Kentucky -
12/31/2003 Kentucky vs. Austin Peay   (at Louisville, KY)
1/3/2004 North Carolina at Kentucky   -
1/10/2004 Vanderbilt at Kentucky   -
1/13/2004 Kentucky at Mississippi State   -
1/17/2004 Georgia at Kentucky   -
1/20/2004 Kentucky at Tennessee -
1/25/2004 Kentucky at Notre Dame   -
1/28/2004 Mississippi at Kentucky   -
1/31/2004 Kentucky at Vanderbilt   -
2/3/2004 Kentucky at Florida   -
2/7/2004 South Carolina at Kentucky   -
2/10/2004 Alabama at Kentucky   -
2/14/2004 Kentucky at Georgia   -
2/18/2004 Arkansas at Kentucky   -
2/21/2004 Kentucky at Auburn   -
2/25/2004 Tennessee at Kentucky   -
2/29/2004 Kentucky at Louisiana State   -
3/3/2004 Kentucky at South Carolina   -
3/7/2004 Florida at Kentucky   -
3/12/2004 Kentucky vs. TBA   SEC Tournament (at Atlanta, GA)

oh yeah the one good part about my day is that they guy who cut my hair might sell his season tickets to UK to me... upper arena 12 rows up... still... a season ticket is a season ticket as i like to say.
YANKEES ROCKED THE SOX... haha i thought that up all on my own... i am so clever it kills me.

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Thursday, October 16, 2003

yo. well today me & emily made up our THIRD MURDER MYSTERY!!! it is called garcia nomarparra vs jerek deter~ who will win? might as well be you steven said he liked it!!AND me & emily are gonna have our own sports show~ not named yet, any ideas?~ shes gonna do baseball & a lil bball, i'm gonna do bball, little baseball & soccer, we're both gonna do football & all other sports arent gonna be shown cuz they suck. thanks. well today i hid cardens shoe very well for a long time. then i had to give it back cuz i figured she'd need it to walk. then lunch was kinda boring since a lot of the winburn crowd wuz missing on account of a spanish test. i'm good at arm wrestling. -------- (name withheld) was bein a poop today! i walked right by ------- & they didnt even wave! this hurts. this really hurts.
emilys intervention is not going well on account of she is not strong willed when it comes to -------! haha jk emily. btw sry for hittin you with the brush. really i didnt mean to.
thats about it. 19 days til UK vs. stupid loser exhibition team. lata dayz all

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Wednesday, October 15, 2003
about today

hello! this entry is...ABOUT TODAY ((hence the title which i still think is stupid))
OOH i like this color
oh sorry. anyways. about today. i came to school. we went to the library for biology. mrs. workman yelled. i sat with ira & derek & sam & jervis & we talked about basketball (i can name all ten former UK playas in the NBA~ mashburn magloire delk mccarty walker prince padgett mercer anderson mohammad). then we went to citizenship. i got a paper crane which i named fluffy. i wrote fluffy's name on her so she wouldnt forget. then i wrote return to kris on there which ira seemed to find funny. i dont get that. i mean if fluffy got lost (which she did~ i left her in math class) i would want her returned! oh ok next subject. then emily & me made up another murder myster, sequel to the one entitled 'we came to get food from steven but he doesnt have any' this one is called 'david & the big word'. if you would like us to give you a copy you can email me & i'll type it up for you... for a fee of course.
well then i went to spanish & took a quiz. emily & chandler & clark had a paper war. i was the referee but i still got hit alot. then i went to english. it wasnt fun. zack & me tried to remember whether hong kong was in japan or china. we still dont kno. then i went to debate. it was ok. floing was fun at first but its starting to get old.
oh yeah...& yesterday i had perhaps the slowest moment of my life. i was standing waiting for mi mdare to pick me up from school right? so i'm standing there & someone honks at me like 3 times. i looked at the car that had appeared to honk & i thought 'hey... that car honked at me... hey that looks like krouse's car... & thats him & soccer dudes in his car... krouse must've been the one to honk at me...' by the time that all got through my head he had gotten to the corner & i looked stupid waving to nobody. so i stopped. i think that happened because it was cold.
well thats it.
HEY RACHEL~~ dont be depressed!! i love you!!!
love u too whoever u are

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Tuesday, October 14, 2003
rambling as usual

you know what? i think its kinda stupid for blogs to have a title unless they have a specific prupose. which mine doesnt. but if it does i'll let you know by putting a title. that'll probly happen in basketball season cuz i will have a lot to say then. maybe a little in football season too. but not as much bc our football team is hopeless. derek abneys cool tho. ONE MORE TD & HE'LL TIE THE RECORD ((he DID but the stupid officials called it back))
ok now thats out of my system.
i have the stacey's mom song stuck in my head like i have all day. ladeda. we had pictures at school today & then my mom was late picking me up & i got cold. even tho i was wearing a jacket & all to protect against unwanted flu germs. in debate eric & zack were talking & i stopped listening for a second & eric said 'i dare you to do that to kristen' but zack looked ashamed & said 'nooo i'd lose my girlfriend' so i can only guess what eric (that loser! jk) was talking about.
ira has a rat that i named fuzzy. but it popped. poor fuzzy. fuzzy wuzzy had a rat...
steven u looked nice today! i already said that but just in case u didnt hear...
i had an algebra 2 test today & it was easy!
this rambling thing is really fun.
stacey cant you see ur just not the girl for me
i am debating on whether or not to join HC swim team. if u any opinions leave a message.
ne1 kno wut janets webpage is? i had it but then i lost it. i guess i'll find it eventually tho.
OK i dont think i really feel like saying anything more. oh wait, my uncle's dog is sweet. ok now i'm done. adios dudes

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Monday, October 13, 2003
hey all

hello people! this is my first web thingy. so forgive me if i seem endlessly amused by it. i just made my writing BLUE!!! LoL sorry... mary shadowed me today!! it was fun. i liked pushing her around the room in a rolly chair and making racecar noises! also it was funny when we passed steven in the caf. and he said 'kristen. shadow.' and kept walking. well we laughed anyways. and then we went to her house and i had fun! first i raked leaves and jumped in them. then we played basketball. next i relearned riding a bike! very fun. lata all

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